World of Zendor - 21k x 21k RPG Map
20000 x 20000 x 256
Outside generation
Custom Landscape

We present to your attention a delightful map, which is probably suitable for any RPG project, regardless of the theme. The main part of the map consists of four main continents and many islands. The size of each continent varies from 6k x 6k to 9k x 9k. Such size ensures that on each continent it will be possible to locate capital, several cities and villages with a large distance between them. Map is divided into several climatic zones: arctic, subarctic, temperate, subtropical, tropical and desert.

1) The Arctic zone is entirely covered with snow. It has no trees and virtually no mountains, only small hills. It is incredibly cold there.

2) The Subartic zone is a place with a harsh winter climate, where only cold-resistant organisms can live.
3) The Temperate is (along with subtropical) the most favorable climatic zone for life. It is hot in summer and cold in winter. But the temperature is temperately high in summer and temperately low in winter.
4) The Subtropical zone differs from the temperate one only in that it is slightly hotter in summer and warmer in winter.
5) The Tropical zone is a paradise for the inhabitants of the jungle and all who love warmth. It is hot both in summer and in winter, and also very often it rains heavily.
6) The Desert is the exact opposite of the Arctic zone. It is incredibly hot here. So hot that life in this climate zone is simply impossible.

Zendor 21000 x 21000 RPG Map - WorldPainter

Map size: 21000 x 21000

The programs I used to create the world:

The map is designed for both survival and RPG servers.

There are caves, there are resources.

The map works on version 1.14-1.16

As for version 1.13, I cannot be sure of its working ability, if you can run it on this version, then this is good.

Archive weighs 3.5 gigabytes

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