Term of service


1.1. By purchasing products from this store, you agree to the Terms of Service described below.

1.2. All products, copyrights belong to the sellers who created the products.

1.3. IN MINE is not responsible for all issues that go beyond of terms of service policy.


2.1. You can not resell products purchased in this store.

2.2. You can not pass off the purchased products for your own.

2.3. You can not change and/or modify products purchased in this store for the purpose of resale.

2.4 You can not change and/or modify products purchased in this store in purpose to pass them off for yours.

2.5. You can not publish products purchased in this store for free access.

2.6. You can not publish images taken from the product descriptions in the store, without specifying the author and giving links to the original product in the store.


3.1. All products, except for "Exclusive” or "Limited edition", are considered to be "Not Exclusive".

3.2. Not Exclusive products can be sold an unlimited number of times.

3.3. Limited edition products can be sold a certain number of times and after the limit the purchase becomes impossible.

3.4. Exclusive products can be sold once and then further purchase is impossible.


4.1. All prices are in US dollars.

4.2. When making payments via PayPal, your payment may be on hold or pending. In this case, access to the product will be granted only after the payment has been verified by PayPal. This usually takes up to 24 hours (on hold) and 3-7 days (pending). After passing verification, access to the product will be granted automatically. Important: Payment verification process is associated with the buyer's account and is initiated by PayPal. This verification does not depend on IN MINE. However, in most cases, payments via PayPal are processed instantly, without any verification.

4.3. If there are any problems related to payment, the buyer should contact representatives of IN MINE.


If there are some problems with the product, the buyer can contact IN MINE through:

5.1. Discord. You need to create a support ticket and describe your problem to the Manager of IN MINE or directly to the seller, if necessary.

5.2. “Contact us” button in the main menu, there the customer can describe the problem.


6.1. All products are carefully checked before publication. Due to the nature of the digital content and to avoid unauthorized use of products by the buyers, there is no full refund or exchange. But in turn, IN MINE guarantees the high quality of products and their compliance with the description.

6.2. A partial refund can be provided only if the buyer created a support ticket on the official discord server of IN MINE. And when the seller had checked the product, it really turned out to be defective. Only in this case, the buyer has the right to request partial refund or free correction of the product.

A product is considered Damaged if:

there’s a significant difference between the product and product description;

contains a damaged file;

has a wrong file format;

there’s other fault that is not connected with file damage.


7.1. The comments containing spam, advertising and/or leading to third-party resources and websites are forbidden.

7.2. The comments containing insults, racism, nationalism, bullying and the like are forbidden.

7.3. The comments containing religious propaganda or religious intolerance are forbidden.

7.4. Propaganda of destructive activities that may cause harm to health or damage to property is forbidden.

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